Nordic and Baltic regional discussion on promoting more effective, responsive and inclusive public communication


We are pleased to invite you to an online event hosted by the Government of Finland to launch the OECD Report on Public Communication: the Global Context and the Way Forward and discuss the OECD Good Practice Principles on Public Communication Responses to Mis- and Disinformation.

This OECD report examines the public communication structures, mandates and practices of centres of governments and ministries of health from 46 countries. The first comparative international report to focus on this policy area, it analyses how this important government function contributes to better policies and services, greater citizen trust, and, ultimately, stronger democracies in an increasingly complex information environment. It looks at the role public communication can play in responding to the challenges posed by the spread of mis- and disinformation and in building more resilient media and information ecosystems. It also makes the case for a more strategic use of communication by governments, both to pursue policy objectives and promote more open governments, by providing an extensive mapping of trends, gaps and lessons learned. Finally, it highlights pioneering efforts to move towards the professionalisation of the government communication function and identifies areas for further research to support this transition.

The event will provide an opportunity to share international perspectives and allow communicators and policy-makers from across Nordic and Baltic countries to reflect on lessons learned from recent challenges, notably the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The event will discuss how governments can develop more inclusive and responsive public communication to mitigate the spread and impact of mis- and disinformation and support democracy, as well as paths forward to build the capacity of public officials strengthen the role of public communication.

This virtual event is open to communicators and public officials from all countries in the region. Delegates are encouraged to share this invite with national networks. A full agenda will be shared prior to the event date.

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