Open Government Week Dialogue

Other — Seminar/Panel

Republic Of Korea — May 16, 2022 @ 2:00pm - 4:00pm GMT+09:00


Partner — Open Government Forum Korea


In the Open Government Week, this dialogue will touch upon open government movement from the national and international perspectives and share views of leaders and practitioners in government, civil society and multilateral organization and academy on ways forward for a better open government movement in Korea.

The dialogue will start with introducing what citizens think of open government which has been collected froma social media event at which will be followed by two panel sessions which are 1) Korea’s open government movement and ways forward and 2) Co-creation of open government action plans.

The list of panels is :
(Panel 1)
– Jihwan Park, Board member, OpenNet
– Eun Young Ko, Director, Ministry of the Interior, Government of Korea
– Alan Wu, Senior Regional Coordinator, Open Government Partnership
– Sungmin Sohn, Student, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
(Panel 2)
– Tinatin Ninua, Deputy Director, Independent Reporting Mechanism, OGP
– Sujeong Park, Secretary General, Citizens’ Coalition for Better Government
– Hunbum Jang, Director General, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Government of Korea

– Sungsoo Hwang, Professor, Yeungnam University, a former IRM researcher to Korea’s 4th AP

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