Using Public Hearings to Hold Government Accountable: An Open Government Tool in the hands of Parliament


Public hearings are a driver of transparency, a mechanism to defend and inform citizens as well as a method to counter corruption and hold government accountable. Public committee hearings are a powerful open government tool at the disposal of a legislature and can aid in investigations into poor administration, waste, dishonesty, and fraud by public institutions.  Through the committee process, the legislature can hold hearings to uncover agency implementation of laws or regulations, call in business leaders to provide information on certain business practices, and allow the legislature to gain credible information from various agencies and stakeholders, as well as put information and statements into the legislative and public record.

This moderated panel discussion convenes House Democracy Partnership alumni legislators, staff, and citizen advocates to share their experiences with public hearings. Panelists will discuss how they leveraged the public hearing process to improve open government and counter corruption. Conversation will touch on comparative examples from around the world to provide insights from multiple contexts and share global good practices.

This panel discussion can be accessed in webinar format via a zoom link that will be sent out closer to the event time.

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